This is the Online Skills Development you’ve been looking for




FirstBizSteps is a Facebook Mastermind for motivated ACTION TAKERS.

We offer a 4-week BootCamp, to teach Any Entrepreneur how to utilize
Online Marketing Methods to build BRAND Presence,

and skills to attract highly-targeted people to your project or biz offer.

FirstBizSteps delivers weekly assignments to build online skills for:
– creating traffic
– collecting leads
– converting-to-sales





The “objective” of FirstBizSteps is to develop your knowledge and online skills.
At the completion of this training, you will

– generate more online “buzz” around your unique message.
– build your know/like/trust with a larger online audience.
– build pages that give your offer “presence” … online.
– build pages that allow you to generate your own LEADS for clients, business partners, and/or customers !!!



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